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Beverley Warner has been training dogs for over 48 years, with 40 years of helping humans develop compatible relationships with their canine family member(s).  Bev believes it is all about relationship and education. Educating the human so they understand what to do and how to build the relationship they desire with the dog they love.
Since 1981 Bev has been teaching obedience classes in Syracuse, Cortland, Manlius, East Syracuse, North Syracuse, Tully, etc.  She has worked with rescue groups and animal shelters performing temperament testing, developing socialization programs and instituting daily routines for care of both dogs and cats. Both individually and as a group Bev has been rehabilitating dogs with behavioral issues. Teaching shelter staff members about behavior is one of Bev’s favorite things to do. The more people that understand the dynamics of behavior the more aid we can give to the dogs. 
Bev has instituted fundraising programs for various organizations.  From 2003 to 2014, Bev has taught obedience classes in the Cortland area to raise money for the Cortland County SPCA where all proceeds went to the SPCA.
One of Bev’s favorite programs at the SPCA was working with SUNY Cortland students who observed her obedience classes. As a group she and the students evaluated each dog. The students kept a book and recorded all work that was done each day.   On class night the shelter dogs were brought over to the facility where class was held for the students to work with them outside of the shelter environment. This gave the dogs a break from the shelter and exposure to people that may want to adopt them as well as getting some love and attention.  Students earned one or three credits toward graduation from this program.   The dogs that were adopted out of this program stayed in their new homes! What an improvement the students made in the lives of the dogs they worked with! Thank you students!
Bev also worked with the Syracuse Obedience Training club from 1980 to 1990 and was an SOTC Instructor.  She and her best buddy Ty, her Doberman Pinscher, earned a CD (Companion Dog) title and a CDX (Companion Dog Excellent) title. They were just about ready to compete for Ty’s UD (Utility Dog) title when Ty was diagnosed with Wobbler’s Syndrome and was no longer able to compete. Ty throughout his life was an ambassador for his breed.
After beginning her training career using punishment-reward methods, Bev quickly switched gears and began using motivational reward (aka clicker training.)  You can read more about this type of training under the Training tab. It was clear that this method of training was a much better learning process for both dogs and humans. This is where the relationship is built instead of broken down by force or punishment making learning more enjoyable for both. 
As a member of APDT, the Association of Professional Dog Trainers, founded by Ian Dunbar DVM.  Bev has attended many seminars and studied the work of Jean Donaldson, Pat Miller, Ian Dunbar DVM, Terry Ryan, Roger Abrantes, Elise Christiansen DMV, John Rogerson,  Kayce Cover, Suzanne Clothier, Sophia Yin, Patricia McConnell, etc.
Bev has often been asked to evaluate dogs that have been recommended for euthanasia by other trainers. They have had a variety of issues including aggression towards other dogs, aggression towards people, unable to be touched or groomed, anxiety, health issues, etc. Bev evaluates the dog and owner, then creates an individualized comprehensive training plan for the dog and owner.  Through behavior modification for both dog and human,  Bev has been able to rehabilitate the majority of the dogs she has worked with.

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